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Streamworks Scissor Forceps

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The Troutspot Com Fly Fishing Catalog

With break-away closures for safety, the Neckvest Lanyard is outfitted with a comfortable foam neck piece, tippet holder/dispenser, Bottom's Up Caddy,

Loon Lanyard 5

Streamworks Micro Tool Kit I - Small Fly Box W/Threader, Micro Scissors Forceps

NPS Fishing - StreamWorks

Streamworks Master Tool Kit - Medium Fly Box, Power Jaw Forceps, Mini Nipper

A patented combination tool with unique lateral Power Jaws that de-barbs hooks. The Power Jaws provide the gripping power of pliers, eliminating the

StreamWorks Large Loop Scissor Forceps

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Forceps & Pliers // The Flyfisher, Australia's Fly Shop

Micro-serrated edge makes cutting Dacron®, Spiderwire, and other braided lines quick and easy. Great for cutting 8X tippet and lightweight leader

Micro Scissor-Forceps Streamworks Black Stainless Steel Hook Removal Cut Holding

Streamworks Loop Forceps, Platinum, Large : Industrial & Scientific

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A patented combo tool with unique lateral Power Jaws that de-barb hooks, crimp split shot and cut braided line, and release fish quickly Power Jaws

StreamWorks Curved Mitten Scissors with Hook Release

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Streamworks Loop Forceps, Platinum, Large : : Beauty