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Sterile Dry Swabs Medline Industries, Inc.

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  • Sterile Dry Swabs Collection
  • The dry swab product line includes sterile plain dry swabs with regular and mini tips in two package configurations, peel pouches and dry labeled tubes
  • Available With a Variety of Applicators Types :Wood, Plastic, Aluminum, Paper, Twisted wire
  • Regular and Minitip Swabs Available in a Variety of Swab Material :Cotton (with and without charcoal coating), Rayon, Dacron, Polyester
  • Two Packaging Configurations
  • Dry swabs in tubes have color coded caps for easy identification
  • Swabs are also available in space efficient peel pouches

FecalSwab Flock Swabs Medline Industries, Inc.

Superior fenestration more closely hugs drain tubes, keeping tube sites drier. 6-ply, rayon/polyester fabric provides maximum absorbency and low

Medline Industries PRM256000 Caring Non-Woven Sterile Drain Sponge, 4-Inch X 4-Inch, 6-Ply (Pack of 600)

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Sterile Cotton Tip Applicators 6 Wood Shaft MDS202000 - Q-Tips Applicators with Soft and Absorbent Tips - Each Package Contains Two Applicators - 200/Pack, 2000/Case. (200/Pack) : : Beauty & Personal Care

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