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1/2 oz., 3/4 oz., Strong-2X Gamakatsu Jig Hook, Great Head Design for Twitching and Jigging, Premium Feather Combinations

Spro RkSTAR Salmon Jig, Chartreuse/White/White / 1/2 oz

Built tough for the Northwest rivers, the RkStar Steelhead & Salmon plug, with super sharp Gamakatsu hooks is proven effective for casting, trolling or back-trolling. Super strong construction and precise tuning allow this plug to run true in deep, fast runs or be trolled at speeds up to 4 mph. A great casting plug, the RkStar draws vicious strikes from Coho salmon and Steelhead. Also effective for casting or trolling for trophy trout.

Spro RkSTAR 55 Crankbait Midnight Star

Hawken AeroJig Twitching Death Jig

BnR Tackle's Twitching Jig in Pink is manufactured from silicone to produce a bushy, vibrant profile in the water and is irresistible to coho!

Twitching Jigs - Pink - BnR Tackle

SPRO Fishing SSTJP-1/2 Squidtail Jig, Pink, 1/2 oz

SPRO Jig Salmon Fishing Baits & Lures for sale

1oz, Premium Cotton Candy Ripper, 10.00$, Spin-X Designs Tackle, Fishi

Nomad Design Squidtrex Jig - 95mm - Pink Tiger - Melton Tackle

Aerojig Nightmare Jig - The Nightmare jig by Aerojig are powder painted with a scent free finish that provide for countless hours of fishing without worrying about chipped or cracked paint. The hooks used on these jig are Gamakatsu Hooks that allow for more hook sets and ultimately more fish to be caught.

Aerojig Nightmare Jig - Orange

Danco Pink Humpy Jig 1/4oz-10/pk - John's Sporting Goods

SALMON JIG – SPRO Sports Professionals

Steelhead Jigs